Strategic Planning

“Action-Learning” Consul-Training For Teams


The cost of hiring a good consultant to help you prepare a strategic plan ranges between $15,000 to $100,000. Many organizations therefore choose to either allocate the task to someone internal (and likely un-qualified), or avoid the strategic planning exercise altogether.

With over 30 years of experience in strategic planning consulting and facilitation, 5i Strategic Affairs is introducing a revolutionary, cost- effective training program to help leadership teams rapidly rise-up the strategic planning learning curve.

In a “shared learning space”, leadership teams from five non-competing organizations will come together to create their next 2-5 year strategic plan while learning the latest in strategic planning theory, practice and facilitation

This action-learning 10-week program will help 4-8 leadership team members from five organizations create their own strategic plan while broadening and deepening the level of strategic planning capability and maturity in their respective organizations.


Upon Completion

  • Know what needs to be in a first-rate strategic plan

  • Know how to carry out a strategic diagnostic of your unit; use scenario planning; identify strategic assumptions and create a strategic map and KPIs

  • Have created a powerful and motivational 2-5 year Vision for your organization/team along with a draft version of your strategic road-map and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Know how to facilitate the 5i Strategic Planning process to gain maximum alignment and buy-in amongst team members

  • Have tools to facilitate the strategic planning process in both a physical and on-line/ virtual space

PLUS: You will also receive additional templates that will help you create, implement and follow-up on a strategic plan exercise.


  • ~10 weeks of mixed asynchronous and synchronous learning and interactions

  • One full-day of one-on-one interviews with each team

  • Five “live sessions” of 3.5 hours lead by Mark Hollingworth (also available on demand)

  • Three 90-minutes “coaching” sessions spread over the 10 weeks of the program for each of the five teams to help them to create their plans

  • Access to “on-demand” videos and articles describing different models, real examples and different parts of the strategic planning process

  • Individual and group exercises Via Zoom – with exercises of Googlesheets; Jamboard, Miro, Mural, Wordcloud etc. as required


Radically improve the strategic planning knowledge, expertise and capability of your management team

Create a new vision and strategic plan for your organization

Achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods


  1. Most Strategy courses are taught by
  • academics of Strategy who have never worked in an organization and/or lead a strategic planning exercise from “A-to-Z” in an organization;
  • experienced strategic planning consultants, hired to teach a course, but who have no teaching expertise.
  1. If only one person from an organization attends a short-course training and does not apply the material within the subsequent 3 months, the learning is lost.

  2. Course participants do not want to only learn the models, theory and process of strategic planning; they want to leave being able to actually do it.

  3. When the training is led by an experienced strategic planning consultant/facilitator who has also taught Strategy at a major university for over 20 years, both the resulting strategic plan and the learning experience should be exceptional.

Non-Disclosure Agreements will be signed by each participating team so that peer-to-peer discussions can occur between the five different teams
Mark Hollingworth

Mark Hollingworth



This program is led by Mark Hollingworth, President of 5i Strategic Affairs.

Mark has over 20 years of experience teaching Strategy, Leadership and Innovation as a Program leader and Faculty Lecturer at McGill University.

He has also gained over 30 yrs of experience leading strategic planning exercises in multinationals, small-and medium-sized public, private and non-profit organizations in North America, Africa and the Arab states.

In Canada, he has worked with corporate leaders such as ArcelorMittal, BMS, Cirque du Soleil, CITI, Cogeco, Dillon Consulting, Hydro-Québec, Imperial Tobacco, Kruger Inc., Linamar, MDS Aerospace, Metso, MSC, RioTinto, Telus etc. His work with not-for–profit organizations includes projects with ASGEMSQ, CACQ, CAFE, the CDA, Development & Peace, the Islamic Development Bank, Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, KEPO, Pink Triangle Press, etc, and he has worked internationally with individuals and organizations in Abu Dhabi, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United States, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

His teaching, coaching & facilitation style delivers a dynamic, interactive and results-focused learning experience for all.

Dates & Fees:

  • There are two dates already fixed for offering the program.

  • The first program will be from April 26th – July 7th (at a reduced “Early Bird” price!)

  • The second program will run from Sept 20th – December 1st,

  • The program will be offered again beginning in January 2022 – with specific dates yet to be determined.

April – July 2021Sept – Nov 2021Jan – March 2022
Launch: April 26th
12 noon (EST) 60 minutes
Launch: Sept 20th
12 noon (EST) 60 minutes
To be determined
5 Live Sessions
9.00 a.m. to 12.30pm EST
May 5th; May 26th; June 2nd; June 16th; July 7th
5 Live Sessions
9.00 a.m. to 12.30pm EST
Sept 29th; Oct 27th; Nov 3rd; Nov 17th; Dec 1st
Coaching Dates
90 minutes per team
May 17th; June 9th; June 30th
Coaching Dates
90 minutes per team
Oct 20th; Nov 10th; Nov 24th
C$7,950 + Taxes (per organization)C$9,450 + Taxes (per organization)
N.B. There will be a maximum of five teams only admitted to each program from organizations in non-competing sectors or markets. Each will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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